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Documents that prove the buyer’s ownership over a specific immovable property are known title deed. A title is also described as the ‘legal right to own something, especially land or property; the document that shows you have this right’, by the Oxford Dictionary.

In real estate, when you buy a property, you attain legal ownership over the asset though a formal process known as property registration stated in National land Code. Through this process, the ‘title’ of the property is transferred in your name. The document through which this process legally takes place and get your name registered, is known as the title deed.

The question is, what if I lost it??

Procedure in replacing your title deed:-

  1. Make a police report to the police station nearby immediately stating your narratives on how you lost your title deed particularly the time, place, with the title deed number;
  2. Get a lawyer and conduct a land search to ensure your ownership to the land still remains intact;
  3. Lawyer shall assist to make application to the land office by submitting the police report, proof of quit rent receipt together with a statutory declaration duly affirmed by the owner declare every statement to be true and correct in the presence of an commissioner of oath;
  4. The notice of replacement of title deed shall be gazette by the Land Office for a certain period of time;
  5. A new title deed shall be issued if there were no objections received within the prescribed period;
  6. Place your thumbprint upon acknowledging receipt.

The old title deed shall be null and void upon reissuing of the replacement title.

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